The ones damaged are not only water-soaked levees but also the equipment for defense against this powerful element or even to reduce its effects - the drainage pumps. Their number, already too small for such scale of a the disaster, is further diminished by breakdowns. Quick repairs can often decide about the fate of the residents of flood-stricken areas. Some of the pumps and motors propelling them weigh up to several tons, and are powered by a few hundred kilowatts, therefore their repair can be handled by a limited number of companies. Hydroservice is one of them. The recent purchase of a power generator 640 kW allows us to test the repaired pumps and engines of such power.
Last week we restored the efficiency of six engines of power above 200 kW, and over twenty more are waiting for repair. We work on two or three shifts, hire more workers, voluntarily don't take free holidays and Sundays. Even though, we feel it is not enough.

In this situation, we count on individual customers' compassion. The repairs you have requested may be slightly delayed.

June, 2010